Taking Life Seriously

We hear a lot these days about “intentional discipleship” from preachers, motivational speakers and writers about what it takes to be real Christians in these times.  These speakers highlight for us the increasing secularism of American life, namely, that the modern mind-set is intent on pushing away a religious tone to life as evident in … Continue reading Taking Life Seriously

What Is A CMCS Man?

https://flic.kr/p/kqBtso   If you've been to the Catholic Chicago Men's Conference, then you've been challenged to bring the encounter home. To make a commitment to 'Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man', and to be a CMCS Man. CMCS is Catholic Men Chicago Southland, and who is the sponsor of the Catholic Chicago Men's Conference. … Continue reading What Is A CMCS Man?

Men’s Conference Homily by Bishop Joseph Perry

Below is the homily by Reverend Bishop Joseph N. Perry of Chicago for the Catholic Chicago Men's Conference on April 7, 2018 - “Living Emmaus in Everyday Life”.   CMCS –Saturday Octave of Easter Last Sunday we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This year it happened to be April Fools’ Day. … Continue reading Men’s Conference Homily by Bishop Joseph Perry

Easter Message from Bishop Joseph N. Perry

From the ashes of our lives, God can help us re-create ourselves into newness, bringing us closer to the fulfillment of the Easter promise in a new moment, in a second chance, in a fresh start, with a new mentality, a new attitude, a new disposition only Christians can know who have patented the sacred … Continue reading Easter Message from Bishop Joseph N. Perry

Your Struggle Is Part Of Your Story

We all go through the dark moments in life. If you're like me, you try to take the easy way out in moving towards the light. The thing is, often times until we go through the struggles we really don't learn the full story. For example, in times of struggles I often prayed for God … Continue reading Your Struggle Is Part Of Your Story