Finding a Remedy For Your Problems and Needs.

Everyone Has Problems and Needs.  What Are Yours?

As a Man, you are a natural problem solver.

So, where do you go to find answers?

Do you study the real problem, or only blame the symptoms?

Symptoms like: Can’t find a woman to marry, wife won’t agree, kids don’t want to listen, inadequacy or depression, too many bad habits, and the worst symptom of all, don’t know what God wants of me.  

Usually Men blame the situation rather than take ownership when the matter falls short.

I have RARELY heard a Man say to me, “Frank, it didn’t work out, and it was all my fault”.

Many times all it takes to solve a problem or work through an issue is to share it with like-minded Men who you can trust to have your best interest at heart. The bad decisions you make sometimes are because of the (Men) outside influences you keep.  Life is like a trash can. The trash you put inside of you comes out of you in the form of your words and actions.

Encouragement from a parish small men’s group, or just a devout Catholic Man, can make the difference with the challenges you face in the workplace and at home everyday. My rule is if my circle of friends is not leading me to Jesus and to Heaven, then they’re pulling me apart.

When problems seem to be out of control, usually Men will indicate going to a shrink, before they go to confession.  There is a place for counsel, whether it be a psychologist, a spiritual director, or a workshop. However, confession, and making yourself right with God, many times can be the baby-steps that sets you in the direction of real positive change.

Your relationship with God is the ‘pebble in the pond’ that has a ripple effect on your positive connections with others and the world around you.

One small step that many Men who are friends of CMCS practice is “A Man’s Prayer”.  They pray this everyday, and it has over time set the tone for their outlook on life as a Man and as a Catholic.  If you don’t have this prayer card contact us.  We can also send you a stack for you to hand-out to other men in your neighborhood or parish, or give to your pastor to place them in back of church.

Daily prayer changes things, from your heart, to your family, and into your community.  You will also see God better use you to answer your prayers, and the prayers of others too.

Do you need a money miracle?  How do you react to pornography?  Is your wife your ‘enemy’, or the other way around?  Do you have trouble getting to Sunday Mass, or getting your wife or family to go with you?  Are you having an affair – with a person who is not your wife, your computer, sports, booze, or some other vice – that keeps you from your relationship with God and / or your wife?  Do your kids spend too much time texting their friends … at the dinner table?   Know that you can turn to CMCS!

Talk with us when you are looking for a remedy and have nowhere else to turn.  Prayer in numbers is a powerful thing for change ….. to first change us ….. and then our circumstances.

It’s all about helping each other make it through life.

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Frank J Casella, CMCS-Director

(CMCS Archives 2012)

God Is Good. He Knows Your Needs.

By Frank J Casella

As Men it’s in our DNA to be providers. To fix things. Yet, being a Catholic Man adds a twist to things, as we are called to depend on God as this is His will for us. After all, He knows our needs better than we do, and all we have to do is trust and meet Him in His work.

To be honest with you, for me, sometimes it takes more to wait on God than for me to just get it done. But then, in the end it never fails that His ways are not our ways and He gets the last laugh, so to speak.

It doesn’t matter as much whether we have the resources or means to provide the solutions or not, because what does matter is that we train our spiritual radar to seek God’s agenda.

A few brief examples ….

  • Recently I’ve been trying for a month to get my snow blower to the repair shop, and could not understand the delays and why things were not lining up to get it done. I can’t lift heavy things, and I no longer have a car the machine will fit in, so I have to depend on my twenty-something son’s for help.  Finally as my son was getting the machine looked at, a man also bringing in his repair offered to my son that whether we repair or replace he would cover (the cost) for half of it.  With God there is no coincidences … its about the decisive moment.
  • Here at CMCS we have an iMac computer that is over a decade old. We’ve updated it and it works fine, but we are told its days are numbered (and they REALLY are).  Just then a donation came in with the note to use it to update technology, and then the next day a CMCS man donated a slightly used PC computer.  I gave it to a computer guy I know to look at and, pulling from his computer graveyard, he gave it some newer parts and speed and then we added a new hard drive. The bill was about the amount of the donation, but nothing more, and it’s like a new computer!
  • If you’ve read my articles, or been to the Catholic Chicago Men’s Forum, you’ll know that I’m also a photographer.  I have hosted my pictures on Flickr for about a decade. Well Flickr has a new owner who has changed the business model. So, short of the long, I’m moving my stuff to ipernity. Just about when the ipernity free trial was up, and I was deciding to pay for the service or not, a man from Europe paid for a gift subscription saying that he is inspired by my works and hopes that I will stay and inspire others.
  • Before last winter I was thinking about a new roof for my house, and how I might finance the ordeal. So a Christian man I’ve known for years who is in this business connected me with a contractor to come out to look at it. Turns out I had hail damage on the roof, because the back of the house faces the lake and wetlands of Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve. We got the insurance rep out, the contractor talked with him, and then the insurance bought a new roof and soon the siding. All it cosst so far is my insurance deductible. God uses people to do His work, and these people involved where no exception … They’re meant to be.

So my friends, God is good and knows your needs. Many times, though, we are too busy doing God’s work for Him when He often doesn’t need us to do it. Rather, we are to see where God is at work and then take action to meet Him in His work.  And pray.

I often, depending on the matter, pray for intercession from Our Lady of Good Remedy, Francis Cardinal George Fr. Michael McGivney, or St. Rita of Cascia.


Frank J Casella makes pictures of moments in time and human interaction that shares hope and God’s love in the word, and is co-founder of Catholic Chicago Men’s Forum. 


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