How To Live As A Catholic Man In The Workplace

By Frank J Casella

“Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing”.   – Vince Lombardi

If you substitute “Prayers” for “Winning” then “Praying is not a sometime thing. it’s an all the time thing…………

Everything we do in the workplace as a Catholic Man must have a foundation of prayer.    Every decision that we make. Every action that we take. Every thought that we think, and every word that we say.

Because character and Integrity is what we do when nobody is looking.

If the boss asks you to cheat to make the company profit, do you do what the boss says or what God tells your conscience?  ‘Catholic guilt’ is really your will and your conscience boxing … with the Devil as the Ref.

Women.  Need I say more?

…. Respect her as a person and as the woman that she is. A rule I use is to always look at her in the eyes, or not lower than the bridge of her nose, and don’t let my eyes drop. Because I’m looking for the holiness inside for her true beauty.

If she dresses with ‘too much skin’ then I see her as Blessed John Paul II says “a work of art created by God”.   If you have ever visited St. Peter’s at the Vatican, women are to dress modestly as to not draw attention away from God. Some men I know appreciate the value of a work of Art more than the woman in their lives.

Likewise, if the way you dress causes a woman to look at you in in-modest ways  …  Married or not … Then you are a distraction (in the workplace) and not honoring God. True attractiveness comes from how we live our holiness. We don’t have to promote that by how we dress. Instead dress to earn respect from others.

Do you know the rules of your company manual?  How about your spiritual manual: The Bible and the Catechism?   Are you of the world, or just live in it?

When you walk through a room do people know you’ve been there in a positive way?  Does the light of Christ radiate from you and your personality?  Jesus made his presence attractive in a way that people knew quickly what He was about, and wanted what He had for them: God’s Love and the Gospel message.

Men, today we need to strive each day to be an better example of our relationship with God and the Holy Trinity. And one way to do this is by how we live the new covenant.

Do you milk the day to get a paycheck, or do you bring value to your firm by viewing your paycheck as a certificate of performance … Regardless of how the company treats you?  Are you humble or modest … do you look at others as better than yourself?

I know. Stay with me …

Do you pray for your company every day, as well as your boss and co-workers.  When someone is going through a life set-back do (show that) you care, and maybe a good listener, or do you look the other way?

Are you Charming.  Forgiving.  Patient.  Wait for God’s agenda … or on your own?

With all of this you might be saying “where is my freedom”?   “Don’t I have a right to do things the way I see them”?

“Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.” – Pope John Paul II

Are you a winner?  Are you a pray-er?  It’s not a sometime thing.  It’s an all the time thing.

The way to conversion comes through prayer and living the Virtues of a Catholic Man.

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Frank J Casella is a Photographer, and Co-Founder of Catholic Men Chicago Southland Apostolate. Portions of this article are contributed by Deacon John Rangel, Co-Founder and Director of Mission of Catholic Men Chicago Southland.

How Do You Witness Jesus as a Catholic Man?

Many of us Men who are in sales (aren’t we all in sales in some form or way?) know about having an elevator pitch. This is usually a ten-second statement about what we do for a living or the services we provide. Well, guy’s, what is your elevator pitch for Jesus? Some people call this your spiritual mission statement.

Back in the day when I was involved with a Business Men’s Bible Study, represented by several Christian faiths, there was a saying we had that went something like “You know a Christian when he walks through a room”. So, reflecting on this, how does your life as a Catholic Man serve as a witness to your circle of influence, your co-workers, and as spiritual leader of your family?

For example, one day I was listening to a podcast by Bishop Robert Barron about Evangelizing through Social Media. What it came down to, as he put it, is you don’t only look at the comments on your SM posts but, know that for every Comment, Like, or Share there are twenty-five or more who’ve seen it.

And so goes with walking through a room. If it were Jesus don’t you think His presence in a room today would make a statement, no matter if the people in the room knew it where Him or not?

No, you’re not Jesus, but, how’s it going for you?

For example, when I met St. John Paul II and St. Teresa of Calcutta you could feel ‘LOVE’ radiate from them. Do people know you’re a Christian by your love, as the song goes?

The bottom line is, I think, that all of our lives are a work in progress, helping each other make it through life.

It’s what our Episcopal Liaison, Bishop Joseph Perry, calls “intentional discipleship“. Do we really love Jesus as a Catholic man, with Christ in our hearts? In other words, is Jesus the center of our life or do we just have good intentions without right-action?

So, what about that elevator pitch … do you have one? Do you have a life mission statement?

For example, my life mission is “To be the best version of the Man that God has called me to be, the best husband and father for my family, and to be a ‘real’ person to those around me”. A Life Mission is making the Mission Statement personal to the point of living it, eating it, breathing it, sleeping it, etc. (you get the point). It’s transforming Holy Church into Holy Life(style).

If you’re interested in how to find your spiritual elevator pitch or mission statement, a good place to start is with cleansing your Soul through Confession. The next step is to work slowly, day-by-day, to develop the Virtues of a Catholic Man. Many of the Saints, for example, transformed their shortcomings into Virtues. Learn more on the CMCS Website.

Finally, make time to pray each day and ask Jesus to speak to you; and go to Mass on a regular basis. Work to be the spiritual leader in your household (if married) and in the community – There’s no greater and fulfilling a challenge for a man than to be a Catholic.

Men in the church (pews) is seen less than in the sports stadium, have you noticed?

Why is that?

What do you think would happen if your love for Jesus was MORE than your love for [enter sport here] ??

And when you’re in the stadium, how do you witness Jesus as a Catholic Man?


Frank J Casella is Executive Director of Catholic Men Chicago Southland, and co-founder of Cathoic Chicago Men’s Confernece.



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Taking Life Seriously

We hear a lot these days about “intentional discipleship” from preachers, motivational speakers and writers about what it takes to be real Christians in these times.  These speakers highlight for us the increasing secularism of American life, namely, that the modern mind-set is intent on pushing away a religious tone to life as evident in state and federal legislation that advances freedoms beyond that which the scriptures would countenance, or the lifestyles of people we know and love, matched with decreasing numbers attending church or synagogue or mosque.  We Americans believe in God to large percentage even though our actions may not always clearly represent that belief.

We are aware, as strident Christians have always been aware these two thousand years, that the popular culture presses up against us in ways religious belief and lifestyle cannot endorse. We are faced daily with choices and decisions none too easy to make.  Political and religious leadership sometimes don’t help to model us citizens with their decisions and law making and lifestyles.  Even our children and grandchildren make choices opposite the way we have reared them.  What to do?  Pray fervently and daily, certainly.  In the meantime:

Intentional discipleship means that we take the message of Jesus Christ seriously and apply it to our lives to the best of our ability without equivocation while encouraging others to do the same.  This is evangelization.  We stake our lives on the gospel vision of life. We have lived the gospel all our lives and find consolation in its truth.  We are so convinced of this we had our children baptized in this faith.  We practice this faith day-in-and-day-out. The vision and message of Christ shows itself in our homes, the way we live, the way we spend our money and give some of it away, the way we assess and comment on current events some indeed tragic.  Gospel truth shows itself in our devotion to our spouses and children, our charity and forgiveness of others, our managerial relationship with others, our choices at the ballot box and the counsel we give others.

Indeed, nothing is worthwhile unless we do it intentionally and with fervor as upright Christians.  This is the manner in which Jesus lived and died for us.  It is the only way his disciples can live authentically his legacy.
Bishop Joseph N. Perry




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