What did your Dad teach you?

Catholic Chicago Men —

With Father’s Day here, we’d thought it be a good idea to do something different for this blog entry.

Instead of an article about the importance of Dad’s, and what we pass on to our children, we’d like to hear from you and let your comments collectively make up a page or ‘article’ about what Father’s Day means to you, or what you learned from your Father or a Father figure in your life.

Are you in?

You know, things like values, virtues, faith etc, and not so much “he taught me to fix a flat tire”, etc.  And limit your responses to 150 words or less.

Think you can do this?

We’ve opened up the comments this time, so just scroll to the bottom of this page, type your sentence in the box below, and follow the prompts. There will be a delayed post when you comment.

We’d like to do this every few weeks, so lets see if we can get a page full of responses!

Happy Father’s Day!


​‘It’s a slippery slope from yoga to Satan’ – Irish priest

A Catholic priest in Northern Ireland cautioned against practicing yoga and receiving Indian head massages, saying that those who take such risks with their “spiritual health” are opening themselves up to “Satan and the Fallen Angels.”

via ​‘It’s a slippery slope from yoga to Satan’ – Irish priest — RT UK.