The Value of Hope

By Frank J Casella


As I go through my daily life the Lord is showing me more and more how everyone is in search of hope. The economy, employment, world affairs, policies and programs, health care, religion and politics, to name a few. 

All of these bring concern and cause us to look for a sense of hope. One thing I’m seeing since the big tax cut talked about in Washington, is businesses talking about more prosperity, and utilities talking about lowering pricing. But I’ve not met anyone who is experiencing this … in their pockets … yet they have much hope for when it starts to take effect. 

Some people say that the problems of the world have to do with racism, or intolerance of one kind or another. There seems to be a dividing line between people who have faith in God, and others who say faith in God is a distraction and only causes more problems to expectations or progress. 

The people I watch who do prison ministry say that over ninety percent of the men in prison have a broken relationship with their fathers. This is the root of their anger. Ministers find that when these men reconcile with their fathers, or if their fathers are not living to prayerfully and truthfully forgive them, that these men start on the path of hope towards inner peace and less anger. They no longer express anger through their actions.

Hope is so valuable to our lives, two of the many examples happens to be one of the most downloaded shows of the Zig Ziglar podcasts. It’s also one of the most used words or topics on the Seth Godin blog.

Pope Francis says of hope,

“We must help one another … in the many needs of everyday life, but also when we are in need of hope. “

And this brings me to my childhood, when I didn’t talk much and was thus studying people and behaviors. How I saw then the way people were searching for hope, and how today the purpose for my pictures (as a photographer) and how I co-founded this Catholic apostolate to men.  

This is what I call my ‘why’.

… When I help others to find hope, and see it living in the soul of their eyes, it gives me hope in the many needs of everyday life. Priceless!

Has anyone ever asked you “what is your ‘why'”??  If so, what do you tell them?  Also, what is your hope or what gives you hope in life?

Frank J Casella is a photographer, and co-founder of the Catholic Chicago Men’s Forum, and Catholic Men Chicago Southland