The Secret to Your Identity as a Child of God

How to experience the journey of spiritual transformation.

Photo: ‘Flowers in the Woods’ Copyright 2017 Frank J Casella on Fine Art America

It is said, as I shared in my last post, that if you start to spend ten minutes to an hour a day with your own thoughts, it will take up to sixty days before you remove all the clutter and eventually can start the hour thinking about yesterday and today!

I have found this to be so true!

Silence can be scary, I know. Especially when you haven’t done it in a while, or you may have thoughts of it causing your skeletons in the closet to come to the surface of things.

This is where prayer comes in.

It is like walking through the forest or woods. At first you notice the beauty of the trees, and how the sunlight interplays with the branches. Then as you walk down the trail, and listen to the birds and sounds of nature, your brain starts to shift to the peacefulness as your surroundings fall into the background.

Things start to enter your brain about your deeper thoughts that do not have a chance to surface because of all the distractions in life. The secret here is to seek what God says about these thoughts.

How do you learn to understand the Word of God? By reading it and by trusting the Holy Spirit.

Reading the Word of God can be as Fr. Larry Richards says “Bible before breakfast and Bible before bed”, or it can be just spending time with the daily Mass readings. The important thing is to put our thoughts in right perspective, because when we remove the Word of God from our lives we can feel overwhelmed and on our own.

Remember that God uses people and our circumstances to do His work. This is all a journey, and not a destination.

Check out this 2-minute video where Father Burke Masters shares his journey from knowing to believing his true identity in Christ. You may recall he shared something like this with us at our Men’s Forum a few years ago.

The world can have us confused in everyday life about our true identity as men. It can be from what we do for a living, to our image through the things we own. We may love God, but do we truly have Christ in our hearts?

Once we experience the journey of allowing God to transform our us, we begin to see our lives, and the world, through His eyes and our true identity as a child of God. And this can only come through the silence of deep thinking and prayer.

Thanks for reading.

Frank J Casella

Fatherhood: What is your ID as a Man?

While growing up my Father often said to my siblings and I “You’re a Casella, and Casella’s don’t do that”. He was referring to how our words and actions reflect the identity of our name.

As Men, we carry forward the responsibility to define what our (family) Name means for this generation. Men, we all make mistakes, but we need to example to our kids how to clean it up when we fall, and not cry over spilled milk, and move on.

Our job is to balance out what Mom says, because there is something important about the voice of Dad that determines in our kids the image they see of themselves as a person and member of society.

Recent studies tell us that Dads determine the church habits of their children and thus to a significant degree their eternal destiny. According to one study, if a father doesnʼt go to church no matter how faithful the mother is, only one child in fifty will become regular church goers.

In other words, a Father has the power to pass on blessings or curses to his wife and family. In order to be a blessing, though, we as men must first be open to receiving the blessings.

Likewise, the reason I believe that God has his hands on America is that America is pro-Israel. Genesis 48:15 shows how blessing are spoken by Fathers. We shape the image of our wife by what and how we speak to her.

Daughters will marry someone who disrespects her because our actions as her Father (to her Mother) illustrate to her this is how life works. When we speak positive encouragement to our daughters about who she is as a person and a women, it gives her more confidence to be more than just a pretty face to men.

Men, we need to speak to our kids about their future by painting for them a picture of success.

The relationships of parents greatly affects the psyche of our kids. Kids need to see us men hold our wife and kiss her in appropriate ways. Likewise, our sons and daughters need to have from us hugs and meaningful touches of affection otherwise they view us as too authoritative.

Moms do the nurturing, but it is Dad who provides respect and stability in our kids through, not long conversations but, little snippets of (Godly) wisdom.

Guys! we are the domestic priest of our house, and we need to example and speak to our family about identity and what it means to be a _____ [insert your Name here].

Commit to correcting their path. God uses the broken experiences of our lives to turn it into His glory, if we are open to letting Him.

Receive these blessings and pass it on. You only fail when you give up.

Frank J Casella

Discipleship in Christ

These are the thoughts and questions that all of us men have during the seasons of life and desire to answer.

So, answer this … how does CMCS help you, as a Catholic man, to live faithfully the implications of your baptism and discipleship in Christ for these times?