Merry Christmas 2018

The meaning of Christmas is found in the pattern and meaning of Christ’s life. Christ came to call us to the Father’s love.  Christians that we are we have to celebrate Christmas. What was given to us so long ago lives on only if we allow ourselves to encounter the mystery again and again, allowing this mystery to shape us, even change us.

Christmas is not so much about the past as it is about the present – what is going on in us by reason of God’s coming over two thousand years ago.  With the Incarnation of the Son of God eternity entered time and human history was opened to absolute fulfillment in God.  Time was, so to speak, touched by Jesus Christ, the son of God and the son of Mary and received from Him new and surprising significance.  His coming became a time of salvation and grace.

We want to take something of the holiness of what we do in Church on Christmas back to our homes with which to embrace each other with the mystery of this love we receive from God and his Son. Spread the joy of the season through a warm handshake, a special kiss on the forehead or cheek of your child or grandchild, a word of affection and affirmation out of the ordinary to your spouse. Spread the love of God we all know.  The decorating, the cooking, the shopping, the wrapping and unwrapping, the planning of parties and going to Mass in the middle of the night – how else can we once more touch the face of God if we don’t do something extraordinary – out of the ordinary?  The largesse of the season is simply a sign of a generous God we have come to know. Spread the joy!

A Blessed Christmas from Bishop Joseph N. Perry and the leaders of CMCS to you and yours!