God Is Good. He Knows Your Needs.

By Frank J Casella

As Men it’s in our DNA to be providers. To fix things. Yet, being a Catholic Man adds a twist to things, as we are called to depend on God as this is His will for us. After all, He knows our needs better than we do, and all we have to do is trust and meet Him in His work.

To be honest with you, for me, sometimes it takes more to wait on God than for me to just get it done. But then, in the end it never fails that His ways are not our ways and He gets the last laugh, so to speak.

It doesn’t matter as much whether we have the resources or means to provide the solutions or not, because what does matter is that we train our spiritual radar to seek God’s agenda.

A few brief examples ….

  • Recently I’ve been trying for a month to get my snow blower to the repair shop, and could not understand the delays and why things were not lining up to get it done. I can’t lift heavy things, and I no longer have a car the machine will fit in, so I have to depend on my twenty-something son’s for help.  Finally as my son was getting the machine looked at, a man also bringing in his repair offered to my son that whether we repair or replace he would cover (the cost) for half of it.  With God there is no coincidences … its about the decisive moment.
  • Here at CMCS we have an iMac computer that is over a decade old. We’ve updated it and it works fine, but we are told its days are numbered (and they REALLY are).  Just then a donation came in with the note to use it to update technology, and then the next day a CMCS man donated a slightly used PC computer.  I gave it to a computer guy I know to look at and, pulling from his computer graveyard, he gave it some newer parts and speed and then we added a new hard drive. The bill was about the amount of the donation, but nothing more, and it’s like a new computer!
  • If you’ve read my articles, or been to the Catholic Chicago Men’s Forum, you’ll know that I’m also a photographer.  I have hosted my pictures on Flickr for about a decade. Well Flickr has a new owner who has changed the business model. So, short of the long, I’m moving my stuff to ipernity. Just about when the ipernity free trial was up, and I was deciding to pay for the service or not, a man from Europe paid for a gift subscription saying that he is inspired by my works and hopes that I will stay and inspire others.
  • Before last winter I was thinking about a new roof for my house, and how I might finance the ordeal. So a Christian man I’ve known for years who is in this business connected me with a contractor to come out to look at it. Turns out I had hail damage on the roof, because the back of the house faces the lake and wetlands of Homewood Izaak Walton Preserve. We got the insurance rep out, the contractor talked with him, and then the insurance bought a new roof and soon the siding. All it cosst so far is my insurance deductible. God uses people to do His work, and these people involved where no exception … They’re meant to be.

So my friends, God is good and knows your needs. Many times, though, we are too busy doing God’s work for Him when He often doesn’t need us to do it. Rather, we are to see where God is at work and then take action to meet Him in His work.  And pray.

I often, depending on the matter, pray for intercession from Our Lady of Good Remedy, Francis Cardinal George Fr. Michael McGivney, or St. Rita of Cascia.


Frank J Casella makes pictures of moments in time and human interaction that shares hope and God’s love in the word, and is co-founder of Catholic Chicago Men’s Forum. 


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On Living Our Lives To Bring Goodness Into The World

Branch Out
Photo © Frank J Casella All Rights Reserved here


Branch Out

By Frank J Casella

When I saw this moment of the golden hour morning sunlight illuminate the twisting branches of a tree, it made me think about family, friends, and the (end of year) holidays.

Our lives are a work in progress, they take many twists and turns, and each of us takes a different direction in life.

As we gather for the holidays, sometimes it can be very trying. Said another way, sometimes our friends can be more like family than our own family.

My take on it — branch out.

My late brother used to pick on me often at family gatherings, almost to the point that I didn’t show up at times. After he passed away it hit me in a big way what he was doing. That he was trying to express how much he believed in me but didn’t know how say it or show it. He really loved me as a brother.

Two days before he passed, it was he who called me to tell me how much he loved me.

If we allow the actions of others to build resentment towards them, we face the danger of spending the rest of our lives judging them instead of loving them for the person they are.

It is said that ‘hate corrupts the container it is in.’

All this to say, we branch out when our actions are what bring Family together or not. Be patient and try to see what others are saying or where they are coming from.

I learned from a very important friend the hard way, that every person has a right to their opinion. We also have a right to accept it or progress on without it.

For those of us who live our Faith, to branch out means that He is the vine and we are the branches. See everyone through the eyes of Christ. Love them, don’t judge them …

Yes, easier said than done. But unless we are on the edge of our chair, then we are not depending on God’s will and living our faith.


Frank J Casella is a professional photographer and co-founder of Catholic Chicago Men’s Forum.


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Catholic Men: What are the Fruits of Your Life in Christ?

If you’re reading this, then I suspect you are a Catholic man (or know of one), who wishes to bring goodness to the world through your life. This is a tall order in our American culture today, as we strive to overcome how others tell us we should live, and the witness that God calls us to be.

I struggle personally to remove and control the distractions of my mobile device and specifically Social Media from all the argument between good and evil, instead of it controlling me.  This is a constant obstacle that can keep me from living out my Catholic faith, if I let it tempt me enough, and one that I always have to keep in check – right perspective.

What are some of your your obstacles?

I happened to find a packed list by author Randy Hain that got me thinking, and I’m sure you will resonate with it as well.  May this help nurture your Fruits of Christ as you work towards ‘Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man’.


Frank J Casella



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