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What I Gave Up By Not Being A Priest
What I Gave Up By Not Being A Priest

Like many Catholic fathers, I often pray that if my boys have vocations to the priesthood, they accept their callings.  Sadly, as Jesus told us, many do not.  The corollary to my prayer is the additional plea that I be given the graces to properly assist them along their way.

There are some obvious ways to do that: talk about my (very imperfect) love of God, pray with them, and take them to liturgy and the sacraments.  But I also believe that part of that grace is the ability to explain the priesthood in a positive and encouraging light.  Historically, we fathers might not be too good at this.

Given the dearth of seminarians in America, I wonder if we fathers are presenting the priesthood to our children in the right way.  I’m guessing that, far too often…

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