The Impression Our Lives Make

Reflection – Copyright 2009 Frank J Casella – A man sits by a reflection fountain in Chicago Illinios.

Every time that I go to a funeral and reflect on the persons life, I think about the impression they have made in the world. Is there any evidence how their life made a difference.

Because God created you, he has given you a unique ability to communicate to the rest of the world his love, mercy, compassion, and goodness in your own way.

Mainly all of us have been given unique gifts and talents for now, 2020, than anyone else in the world. There’s a reason why we are living now and not a hundred years ago, or even a thousand years ago, or century from now.

You were created for now so your very life can reveal a different facet of God to the world that is needed.

I think about the pandemic that we are all experiencing now, how it is said each of us will at least know someone infected with the virus, if not have it ourselves. It makes me think how much this is like the same as cancer.

The difference today makes compared to past decades is how digital technology plays in leaving our impression on the world. For example, on the website where I share my artistic photography there are several artists who have passed away, but their profile and art remains as they left it only to be administrated by people from their estate.

The same goes for what each of us do online with social media, and the emails we send to people that they keep in their inbox, etc.

This makes me very mindful of every decision that I make, and to be sure I leave everything as if I don’t know what tomorrow will bring … because I don’t. Only God knows our future and what it brings to such a time as this.

So, I ask you as a Catholic man to see how God calls you to leave an impression on this world, and to always take care of unfinished business. Because you never know what the next day, or even the next hour, will bring.

Frank J Casella, CMCS-Director

Author: Catholic Men Chicago Southland

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