Understanding Faith

Faith is the highest form of knowledge to guide our path. Faith provides visible understanding from the invisible. When we have Faith we can see the world through God’s eyes. …

Many times when I’m trying to put my finger on a thought or a direction in life, but can’t seem to connect the dots, I look to the Holy Spirit to communicate with God and to show me the way.

For example, while struggling with a behavior from a co-worker, I felt a certain way about how to respond but didn’t have the confidence yet to act on the way I felt. The next day an article came across my path (I wasn’t looking for it) confirming my thoughts, so I then acted on my convictions.

I simply reflected on this article through my knowledge of the Bible and the Catechism on what God says.

When God wants to reveal, He does so ‘on the mountain’. It takes effort and silence for us to listen to God, away from noise and social media and daily life. There is no other way to hear God’s voice but to be away from the noise, I have found.

For example, one day a week I am completely offline. I am also intentional when online no more than a cumulative one hour a day. Part of this, each morning, is to spend time listening to the Holy Spirit, even if only ten minutes… but it usually goes for an hour.

I also spend time each Sunday prostrate before the Crucifix, as well as monthly in Holy Adoration at my parish before the exposed Eucharist. You don’t have to do all of this that I do, in fact, you don’t have to do any of it.

The point is God want’s us to depend on Him – Faith.

Jesus invites us to join Him in the Bible to study the scriptures, the Catholic Catechism in understanding His Word and our Church, and to be silent so He can reveal Himself to us. This must be ingrained in us so that we have it as our filter to see life.

What would you do if the Bible or Catechism where taken away from you? Make it the center of your life today … we should live our faith to the point that Christ lives in us!

This is the only way I know to do God’s work, and to meet Him in His work – His agenda and not mine.

It is also important to have a roll model, who precedes us in Faith, to ask for intersession. This could be a Catholic Saint or late family member, like our earthly father or grandfather, who has gone before us.

My personal favorite is the late Francis Cardinal George, and his tremendous example of Faith through his life, many people feel that he will become a Saint. Now the Church says to ask for intersession from Father Augustus Tolton.

Saint Fra Angelico, for example, brought glory to God through his paintings. His life and work is a tremendous roll model to me, so that my life, too, may be an encouragement to the world through my Artwork.

We come to a full understanding of our Faith when we transition from self, to giving it away to others.

What is your talent or gift so others may see the glory of God through your Faith?

Frank J Casella

Author: Catholic Men Chicago Southland

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