CMCS-Men Are Pro-Life

“If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”
— Saint (Mother) Teresa

My wife and I have three children. One of them we lost to Miscarriage. I still hold the pain from that loss, since 1997, and long to meet my child when, if God allows, I reach Heaven. With this, I can only imagine the pain men feel when the women whom we impregnate decide to abort the child. US. laws remove the father from this decision. Men are needed to conceive a child, yet our involvement is not considered until usually after that child is born.

Ninety percent of women said they would not choose abortion if the man in their life was supportive of their pregnancy. So if men fulfilled their role of protector and provider, abortion could be reduced by 90% even without a change in the law.

Knowing that is it any wonder the devil attacks authentic masculinity with such vengeance? Abortion is not just a woman’s issue … it is equally and probably more a man’s issue as their influence is critical.

Real men .. CMCS-Men … respect, protect, and provide.

This is one way our motto is “Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man”. The example of one good man helps form other good men.

Which brings me to the point on what us, as Catholic men, can do to protect women, and the unborn who have no voice: Lead by example.

Support the sanctity of life, and then live our own march for life in our own home with our own family. Our own families are hurting and falling apart. When we love our wives and children, and they see this, they too learn to love and respect children.

This action alone makes a tremendous impression on the community when they see a man loved by his wife and children. Because he first loves them. Dad’s do make an important impact on the family and the community.

All of this reminds me when I was Grand Knight with my local Council of the the Knights of Columbus, and how we said at the end of the Pledge of Allegiance .. “With liberty and justice for all .. born and the unborn”.

Frank J Casella is a photographer, and co-founder of Catholic Men Chicago Southland, and the Bishop Perry Catholic Chicago Men’s Forum.

Author: Catholic Men Chicago Southland

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