About Free Advice

I only give free advice. Because there is a lot of it out there, and the advice you pay for may not work out because each person and circumstance is different.

Yes, there is a saying ‘same problem, different name’. But you don’t need to pay for it I think.

It is more important to buy books or webinars or listen to podcasts or read blogs. Gather information and then compile it into what works best for you.

Growing up, my parents believed that a financial adviser was nothing more than an unemployed insurance agent. Today, I find an number of advisers in many fields whom none of them I have found I can trust to pay money to tell me what to do with my career or my life.

True selling is about helping, it is not giving advice.

On the flip side, several people ask me for advice and I would never think of charging them for my thoughts. I make my living making pictures, and if my pictures inspire you then, yes, you should buy them. My advice, no. Though I have over thirty years experience as a photographer.

Likewise, I have several decades involvement with Catholic Men’s Ministry. Every week I’m either one-on-one with other men, or in a group setting, sharing free ideas and advice about growing in holiness, and how to be the best version of ourselves. I would never think to charge for this. Because the information shared and the impact made is priceless.

Seth Godin does a similar thing. He (says that he) does not charge for advice or consulting. He makes his living as a book author, etc.

The words of Jesus are free in the Bible, it’s the publishers who sell the book to be in business.

In comparison, I have over the years several spiritual directors. A spiritual director is a person who helps you discern what God is saying to you. This is advice from a person who is in tune with God and the Bible. A spiritual director has never charged me for their advice. Some people go further in to counseling from a spiritual perspective, however.

In choosing his disciples, Jesus said to them “come and see”. By doing this he invited them to develop relationship with Him so, in turn, they could help others. Jesus invites us all to this mission today.

When we provide sound advice to others, especially when they ask for it, then we help each other to make a positive difference in the world.

“For lack of guidance a people falls; security lies in many counselors”.

Proverbs 11:14


Enjoy your day.


Frank J Casella is an artistic photographer, and co-founder of Catholic Chicago Men’s Conference. 


Author: Catholic Men Chicago Southland

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