Life Mission. Don’t Leave Earth Without It!

By Frank J Casella

I’m sure that you’ve heard of a Lenten Mission and a Mission Statement, but have you heard of a Life Mission?  Do you have a Life Mission and, if so, what is it?

The purpose of a Mission is defined as a vocation or calling of an (religious) organization. As Catholics we are called as a Church to go out into the world and spread the Gospel.

Through a Lenten Mission we are renewed to be an living example of this Mission.

The Mission Statement of Catholic Men Chicago Southland works towards “Living the Goodness of a Catholic Man” …..  to nurture a Man’s character through his spiritual journey.

A Life Mission, however, is the Gospel Mission made personal by transformation from good intentions into right-action.

For example, my life mission is “To be the Man that God has called me to be, being the best husband and father for my family, to be a ‘real’ person to those around me, and to equip others to live a compelling life so they help to equip others.”  A Life Mission is making the Mission Statement personal to the point of living it, eating it, breathing it, sleeping it, etc. (you get the point). It’s transforming Holy Church into Holy Life(style).

I live out my Life Mission by:  1) Daily prayer to see where God is at work in my life, and to meet Him in that work. 2) Spending meaningful time with my wife and kids, and to encourage and lead them prayerfully in their life’s purpose. 3) Allowing my lifestyle and relationship with others to be a living example of my relationship with Jesus Christ – Some people call this servant leadership.

My late Father used to say the famous quote, that if you don’t stand for something then you’ll fall for anything.

Hence, your Life Mission should be your identity in how you serve Jesus Christ, and not by what you do for a living or by what you wear, etc. It’s who you are as a person, and not what you do.


“If we build into ourselves a deep understanding and conviction that serving the needs of other human beings is the reason we profit, that the reason we earn money is because we are focused on serving the needs of other people, other people will see this. We must commit ourselves to these convictions. Then and only then will the money follow. The money comes automatically.”
― Daniel Lapin, Business Secrets from the Bible: Spiritual Success Strategies for Financial Abundance


When you work for a company, then you are given the company manual. When you become a Catholic you follow the Catechism which leads you to the Bible … God’s Word.  Have you a manual for your life?  In other words, what you do, how you live, and the people whom you hold relationships with will be affected or changed by who you are as a person and your Life Mission.

When I created my Life Mission I then went deeper with my Faith, and something happened …. my friends changed.  Because having one true friend became more meaningful (to me) than to have several ‘friends’.

So, I ask you this question, Man to Man.  What is your Life Mission, and how are you doing it or living it out?  Then too, what is your legacy … how are leaving this life with your wife or kids or those important to you?

The adjustments you make in living your life holy can be felt for three generations.

Do the person’s important to you say ”if Jesus is anything like you, I want to know Him?“  If not, what is stopping this from happening?  Pray and ask God daily how to put your mission into action ..  then watch Him show you .. God’s will is that we depend on Him.


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