The ‘Presence’ That Keeps on Giving

By ‘being there,’ dads give their families a great gift

By Bill Dodds

My dad wasn’t big on giving advice, but he was a star when it came to living advice. This became clear to me recently when my thoughts turned to my childhood and my father after reading Pope Francis’ two talks on fatherhood. Both are part of the pontiff’s series on the family in preparation for the World Meeting of Families this September in Philadelphia.

Dad never said, “This is how to be a good husband and a good father.” He demonstrated how it was done. He was a good husband. A good father. A good man.

Pope Francis would have liked my dad, and vice versa. Francis’ advice to fathers would have resonated with my father, just as it resonates with me today. Here are a few of my favorite teachings from two addresses the pope gave.

His first talk was on how fathers aren’t as domineering as they were in the past but now, too often, they are absent. The second talk zeroes in on the essentials of being a good father.

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Author: Catholic Men Chicago Southland

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